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Apache Tomcat Help

Starting and Stopping

Apache Tomcat 5.0 is recommended, http://jakarta.apache.org/. Note that Apache Tomcat 5.5 does NOT work with this tool, and does not work with many other JSP packages, as of November 2004.

Installing Tomcat

When installing Apache Tomcat, make sure the JAVA_HOME path is correct (if you intsall in Windows, you will be prompted to verify it during installation).

On Mac OS X, you'll need to do some extra setup for Tomcat. After you unzip tomcat in a folder, run the "Terminal" application. Switch directories into where you installed tomcat (if you installed tomcat 5.0.28 into the "Applications" directory, then type "cd /Applications/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/"). Then, type "cd bin; chmod u+x *.sh; /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit startup.sh; /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit shutdown.sh". In the window that pops up, add this line as the second line:

export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/Home

Then save, quit TextEdit, and then when the next window pops up, add the same thing as the second line.
For more information, see Apple's Tomcat site.

Starting and Stopping Tomcat

On Windows, go to the "Start menu", "Programs", "Apache Tomcat", and run "Stop Tomcat" (to make sure it's not running), and then run "Start Tomcat".

For Apache Tomcat Version 5.0 - On Windows, goto "Start Menu" -> "Programs" -> "Apache Tomcat 5.0" -> " Monitor Tomcat". You will then see an icon in the bottom right taskbar for "Apache Tomcat". Double click on it and then the "Apache Tomcat Properties" window will load. If the "service status" is set to "started", click on "Stop" (Check that it's service status is set to stopped) and then restart "Tomcat" by clicking on Start after that.

On Linux, OS X, or other Unixes, open a terminal. "cd" to your tomcat_install_path/bin/ directory. The first time only, you need to run "chmod u+x *.sh". Run "./shutdown.sh" and then "./startup.sh", which will look like this:


Using CATALINA_BASE: /usr/local/tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME: /usr/local/tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /usr/local/tomcat/temp
Using JAVA_HOME: /Library/Java/Home/


Using CATALINA_BASE: /usr/local/tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME: /usr/local/tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /usr/local/tomcat/temp
Using JAVA_HOME: /Library/Java/Home/

If Tomcat wasn't already running, shutdown.sh may throw some errors (java.net.ConnectException). These can be ignored.



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